Friday, April 16, 2010


After nearly a year of working and waiting, we have finally reached full funding on the grant. We would like to thank all of you whole heartedly for your contributions, in that without them computers for the children of Ait Mammar would not have been obtainable.

Now that we have reached full funding we will move on to the next phase of purchasing the computers and setting them up for use. Stay tuned for pictures and reports of progress.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The grant has been approved!

After much waiting and minor adjustments, the grant has finally been approved in Washington and is now clear for funding. Please look to the right for the link that will take you to a page with more information on the grant specifics, along with the very simple steps needed to contribute. Alahem weladin (God bless your parents)for your help!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Executive Summary

Below is the executive summary from our proposal. It includes more specifics about our project.

Ait Mamaar-Zaouia Primary School is a public elementary school for students aged five to sixteen, located in Tinjdad, Morocco. Tinjdad is a town of 7,494 (not including surrounding villages) in Southeastern Morocco, near Errachidia. Working together, the school's Parents Association and teachers have designed a project to obtain computers for students, in order to increase their computer skills and energize the student body through interactive activities in all classes. To do so, the Parents Association is requesting funding for $5,540 (44,320 MD), for a total project budget of $8,040 (64,320 MD). The budget, which includes what the raised funds will be spent on, can be found on the side panel to the right.

The Parents Association has been very active working with the school to create a better atmosphere for students. As well as organizing numerous extra-curricular activities, they have helped furnish classrooms to make them more comfortable and help students focus. For this project, they have prepared a room with a strong metal door and iron bars on the windows to prevent theft. Furthermore, they have renovated the roof and windows to provide a safe place for computers. After the computers have been installed, the association will be responsible for maintenance and cleaning.

Comfort with computers and their use will enable the youth in Ait-Mamaar and Zaouia to be more competitive in higher education and jobs, granting them better opportunities as they mature. Furthermore, the use of computers in other school subjects will revitalize their interest in education, and increase the chances of students advancing to higher levels. Computers and the internet serve as a key to tap into a vast world of knowledge, and so will also motivate the students to continue their studies. Meanwhile, the teachers will have the opportunity to incorporate the computers and interactive projects into their lessons, better engaging students.

The Parents Association has been very active in supporting the primary school students' education in any way possible. Please donate now to help them raise that education to another level.